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Pillar HR: HR & IR advice for Small Businesses

We can help you to navigate the Australian Workplace Relations landscape, undertake HR health check audits and provide best practice advice on managing workplace issues. Workplace lawyers can prove to be expensive, so we use our combined experience of more than 40 years the HR field to help small to medium businesses understand and manage risk in their everyday decision making.

What’s the Need?

The cost of employing a full time Human Resources or Industrial Relations professional remains prohibitive until a business reaches a certain size, however the amount of executive and management downtime devoted to ‘people issues’ can become unmanageable and costly long before reaching this point. Many small businesses do not have extensive knowledge in relation to the Australian Workplace Relations system. Whilst some effort has been made by Government to simplify the system, it remains very complex.

Tailored Small Business HR Support

Pillar HR is The Consulting Space’s tailored human resources and industrial relations support service. It gives you access to Human Resources and Industrial Relations professionals who can link their advice to a real operational understanding of the business involved. We ensure that information is ‘pushed out’ proactively to small business when changes occur and that issues can be resolved quickly when a question or issue appears.

We deliver this service at a cost level that is not prohibitive to small business, especially in comparison to engaging a dedicated HR Manager, or the lost productivity of executive management taking carriage of all HR issues. We offer Pillar HR on a fee for service or retainer basis.

We ensure that the information we provide incorporates business acumen and doesn’t just deliver the compliance essentials without understanding the broader business context.

What does it include?

  • HR Health Check
  • Development of HR Policies & Procedures
  • On-call Advice & Support
  • HR Project Delivery
  • Recruitment & Selection Support

Case Studies