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Ensure the Success of your Transformation…

We work with our clients to effectively manage, engage and involve staff as an organisation looks to transform and optimise the way it operates. We can help you assess the impact of your transformation and plan and consult effectively to minimise disruption and maximise buy in.

The single largest predictive indicator of project failure is the lack of effective staff engagement and change management. Often the most surprising element in a major business transformation project is the range of responses and reactions from staff and other stakeholders. Without preparation and engagement of stakeholders, these can quickly derail even a seemingly simple change or transformation.

McKinsey’s Global Survey results turned up what successful business transformations have in common. They found evidence that successful transformations were built on:

  • Collaborative engagement of employees at all levels at all stages of the transformation journey
  • Building leadership capability for the long term
  • Celebrating success throughout the transformation

In terms of dollar benefits, a McKinsey study found a significantly improved return on investment in projects with an excellent change management program, as opposed to projects with a poor or no change management program in place, which are likely to return a loss.

What can we do to help?

  • Change management planning & risk assessment
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Change Impact Assessment
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation
  • Communications strategy, planning and delivery
  • Coaching for Managers in leading people through change
  • Change program delivery and evaluation

TCS can help your organisation increase the likelihood of program success by setting up and running highly effective change programs.

We can provide the right solution and resource for long term change management implementation projects or for shorter term planning and intensive partnering engagements.

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