Transport for NSW

Existing Leadership Module Audit and Leadership Course Re-design

TCS were engaged by Transport for NSW to conduct an audit of their existing suite of leadership course content to maximise usage and support Transport leaders across the cluster.

We conducted an audit of learning outcomes, course content and delivery methods for the existing leadership courses to determine fit for purpose and current uptake. We found that a range of the existing content could be reshaped into courses that were digestible and could be easily delivered across different modes e.g. e-learning modules, short guides and FAQs.

Any outdated content was rewritten to ensure accuracy and where possible, future proofed the courseware to maintain its ongoing effectiveness.

As part of the audit, TCS identified several gaps in content and were able to design new learning modules to support the people leader cohort.

We were also able to provide a method for assessing different learning activities/pathways for leader across the 10-week countdown.

Our deliverables included:

  • A report detailing which courses in the existing catalogue have content that can be repurposed
  • A gap analysis of learning outcomes against intended need and detailed recommendations for how to progress each outcome
  • Design and development of 3 new modules, including course descriptions, duration and delivery mode