Transport for NSW – Digital Systems

Business Case > Early Stage Mobilisation > Change Management

Digital Systems will transform the way that the suburban rail network in Sydney is operated and maintained. Digital Systems will see the introduction of new technologies that will significantly change the way that trains are controlled, driven and how the network is managed. The Consulting Space have been working as the Change & Transformation Partner on Digital Systems and have been part of the team that have taken the program from concept, through Business Case approval and now into early stage mobilisation. The Consulting Space have had accountability for:


  • Contributing to the Digital Systems Business Case and INSW assurance review process to gain the necessary funding approvals
  • Developing the Digital Systems Change Impact Analysis and Change Management Plan
  • Working with the impacted Business Units to identify specific impacts and required mitigations – ensuring high levels of ownership of the transformation are vested with the impacted Business Units
  • Driving the necessary Executive Level Stakeholder Engagement and initial communication effort
  • Establishing the required Transformation Capability within the impacted Business and defining how this interfaces with the Program structure
  • Establishing the necessary governance structure to set the Program up for long term success
  • Developing the Industrial Relations Management Framework to be followed through implementation



Digital Systems is a once in a generation initiative that will improve the capacity of Sydney’s heavy rail network to deal with increasing rail patronage and further population growth. The Consulting Space have been working on the program since it was conceptualised in 2014 and are one of Transport’s critical partners in bringing this initiative to life for the travelling public.