Sydney Trains

Change Leadership – ABW Transformation Programs

TCS were engaged to design the Change Management and Consultation strategy for the Sydney Trains Accommodation Program, whereby approximately 2000 white collar staff were migrated to several agile working environments, strategically based outside of the CBD.


Transitions to Activity Based Working are far more successful where targeted and effective change management principles are applied to the stakeholder population. Successful change management leads to better adoption of the principles of ABW, fuller use of the space and technology and lessens the psychological impact on staff.


The Accommodation Program was a high-profile initiative which had high impact, across every directorate of the organisation. There was a significant cultural change piece attached to the transformation to Agile working. In order to achieve behavioural adoption and cultural change, TCS was able to assist Sydney Trains with many aspects of the planning and early implementation stage, including:



  • Change Strategy
  • Change and Communications Plans
  • Stakeholder Analysis and Consultation Framework
  • High-level Training Needs Analysis
  • Executive Stakeholder Management
  • Workplace Design Consultation for the pilot site
  • All communications collateral, including animations, presentations, written comms, intranet site design and Exec briefings

The program was rolled out over a two-year period, utilising the change management approach designed by TCS.