Federal Department of Education & Training

Countering Violent Extremism Training for School Leadership Teams

TCS partnered with RADAR Solutions to develop a Train-the-Trainer program for School Leadership Teams (SLTs) to raise awareness and lift capability in working with youth at risk of becoming involved in violent extremism.

TCS facilitated consultations with the stakeholder groups, developed the training program and associated materials and facilitated Train-the-Trainer workshops nationally. This program resulted in approximately 150 school leaders becoming qualified to deliver the three-hour workshop in conjunction with the State and Federal Police forces.

Following on from the success of this program, Queensland Police lead the implementation of an additional program funded by the Attorney General’s Department. This program was rolled out to Social Workers across Australia in partnership with the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW).

Our deliverables included:

  • Facilitation of planning sessions with representatives from Education, State Police, Federal Police & Attorney General’s Department
  • Development of the Training Materials
  • Delivery of a number of Train-The-Trainer sessions around the country in conjunction with the State Police CVE liaison officer