Campbelltown Hospital

Transition to Admin Hub and Activity Based Working

As part of its redevelopment program, Campbelltown Hospital built ‘Admin Hub’, a shared flexible working space to accommodate its General Managers Unit and Allied Health professionals (approximately 200 people in total). This space was the first of its kind for the South West Sydney LHD.

Whilst the design for the new area had already been completed, and construction was underway, TCS was engaged to determine the change management plan and transition activities to the new ways of working.

Utilising Activity Based Working principles and in keeping with the direction of the Dept of Health more broadly, TCS undertook analysis of the current state including profiling types of work by stakeholder group, ICT capability and preliminary paper usage auditing.

Given that the Admin Hub design was already underway our approach to overcoming concerns was to establish the negotiables and non-negotiables around utilisation of the space. Stakeholder working groups were established involving a healthy cross section of stakeholders from both units.
These hard working groups delivered outcomes in only 10 weeks on:

  • Responsive working protocols
  • Naming conventions
  • IT requirements and technology training needs
  • Telephony requirements
  • Paper reduction and allocation of storage/lockers
  • Zoning and signage
  • Logistics and relocation
  • Communication and formal presentations of the above
  • Involvement in orientation sessions


Our deliverables included:

  • Change Impact Assessments
  • Detailed Change Readiness Framework
  • Leadership Engagement and briefing packs
  • Consultation plans
  • Establishment and facilitation of working groups
  • Audit of current policies and process gaps
  • Records & paper management planning
  • Technology training and support
  • Logistics briefings and Admin Hub orientations